Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Frank Walton and his "wife" during Spring Break at a beach

Well, I'm not really sure if Frank™ is married.

*Shrugs* But oh well...

Anyway, imagine Frank™ with his wife™ at Venice Beach.

Look at Frank! Holding his wife's hand while staring at her big breasts (Frank doesn't like small breasts.)

Suddenly, he is reminded that he will eventually be turned on by his busty wife because she's in her bikini. Now, imagine Frank™ telling his wife to put on a Burkha so he can avoid getting an erection in public.

Frank: Hey baby, put this Burkha on, ok?

Wife: But Frank, we're at the beach.

Frank: I don't care, put it on. I wouldn't like it if Aaron Kinney saw you in your bikini...or nude.

Wife: Well, I don't want people seeing me with you.

Frank: What do you mean?

Wife: Frank, you're wearing Batman underwear at the beach...

*Frank™ puts on Burkha*

Frank:What Batman underwear?

Wife: *SIGH*

(Aaron Kinney passing by)

Frank: There he is! The guy that would rather live in a nudist colony than in Burkhatown!

Aaron Kinney: Hey Frank, do you have sex with your wife with that Burkha on?

Frank: And do you watch the occasional porno and engage in out-of-wedlock sex?!

Wife: Did somebody say sex? I want some of it!

Frank: That was me baby, and we can have some of it later.

Wife (while looking at Frank™ wearing the Burkha): Oh...

Aaron Kinney: Actually, I'm the one that said sex first. Look...

Aaron Kinney: Hey Frank, do you have sex with your wife with that Burkha on?

Frank: did you do that thing with the "quote" if we're having a live conversation?

Aaron Kinney: It doesn't matter. My point is that you look like an idiot wearing that Burkha.

Frank: Duh! That's because you would rather see me naked, you pervert!

Wife: Frank, why are you assuming that he wants to see you naked?

Frank: Because he just said that I look like an idiot because I'm wearing this Burkha! And he admitted that he would rather live in a nudist colony than Burkhatown. Anyway, get out of here, Aaron. You are a pervert!

Wife: Frank, just leave him alone!

Frank: As for you, put this damn Burkha on! You look like a slut.

Wife: Frank! You've never talked to me like that before! You're a Christian, you should be nice. What would Jesus do?

Frank: Oh please, He did call people a brood of vipers fit for hell. How so un-Christ like of Christ, huh? He also called people hypocrites, and white-washed tombs. Now, I want you to put on your Burkha because you're my wife, a lady, and a Walton™, not a whore.

And they lived happily ever after?


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