Sunday, February 11, 2007

Is Frank married?

I was checking out Frank's new blog, Brian Sapient goes Girls Gone Wild!, in which he writes about his jealousy of Brian (he was recording Kelly and she quickly flashed him) and Kelly's chest. There was no nudity in the video, but it doesn't matter, Frank wrote a blog about it.

Anyway, when I was done reading, I noticed that he had 4 comments at the time, so I decided to read the comments and check out what his readers had to say. As it turns out, Frank is married!

I don't understand! Just look at his comments .

See that? Frank is married.

Damn, imagine what it's like to be "Mrs. Frank Walton". That must suck.

I'm still confused though. Frank's myspace tells another story. His myspace says he's "single".

Don't tell me that he had no time to answer his "status" when he first joined myspace. He answered the other details as you can see.

Looks like someone likes playing with the facts.


wisecrackinghand said...
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Atheism Sucks! sucks said...

wisecrackinghand-Hehe nailed two posts in one go.


wisecrackinghand-Gotta say I was shocked about him being married too, if it's true of course.

(Me)-Yeah, I mean...Mrs Frank Walton?! LOL!

wisecrackinghand- Personally I'm fed up with his personal attacks on people. I thought Atheist idol was a low, but now he goes off on one about someone's flat chest - what does that really have to do with atheism?

(Me)- It has nothing to do with atheism, but Frank said that he only bullies atheists if they give him a reason to, I doubt Kelly's chest gave him a reason. He must have something personal against women with small breasts.