Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Mr. Walton admits he needs evidence to believe

Frank Walton™ admitted in his blog, 'Brian Flemming's "teapot" questions', that he needs evidence to believe.

8) What is the minimum it would take for you to believe that there was a flying teapot orbiting the sun between earth and mars?

Evidence. Duh!

Just check out the blog comments. All those stupid theists don't seem to get the point of Flemming's Teapot questions.

Still...I wonder why Frank Walton™ needs evidence to believe.

Oh yeah, because there's no evidence for the existence of the Teapot and...God!

You are now an atheist, just like me, Mr. Frank Walton™.

Congratulations. You are now free.

1 comment:

Candle In The Dark said...

Frankie "man boy" Walton can't afford to be self aware - if he was, he'd see how pathetic his life is... so he's not able to grasp when he refutes himself.