Monday, March 19, 2007

Christians have one thing in common...

It's really cool to debate with Christians because the fun part is beating them.

And it's a great feeling when you win.

One thing about Christians really puzzles me, though. I mean, if God can answer their prayers, then why do Christians cry like babies, spew lies on the internet and of course, why can't they just shut up?

Why do they care so much about converting atheists?

Why do Christians want atheists to be kicked out of the U.S?

Why are Christians the only ones that get on TV and brag about how they are helping the poor?

Why do crazy Christians want to ban a book about book banning?

Why do they commit so many hate crimes against gays and lesbians?

Why do Christians stalk atheists?

And how come Christians don't want evolution to be taught in schools when evolution has already been proven to be a fact?!


Just look at the picture I posted. Sure, those Christians look happy and friendly. But just think about how much power they have in the U.S.A. and what they can do.

Scary, isn't it?

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