Sunday, January 20, 2008

Have an IP address you want to share?

If you have an IP address of Frank Walton or anyone who he claims to be impersonating him, please feel free to post it as a comment to this post with the title or opening phrase "IP address."

This post is a statement of confirmation that the information will not be posted publicly on this site and will only be used to prosecute Frank Walton or whoever the real person is behind him to the fullest extent of the law. We would like to connect more dots to this puzzle. Spread the word to anyone you know that has been attacked by Frank Walton. You have our promise the information will only be used in a court of law.

If you would like to add a disclaimer stating that it is ok to post the IP if we can find confirmation that such action is legal, please add the disclaimer.

If you have been cyber-stalked, lied about, attacked, threatened, or harrassed by any of the following people help us complete the puzzle by posting the comment/IP here and it will wait in moderation for our crack staff. There are many ips known within this puzzle, we're looking to find more conclusive connections here.

If you doubt the legitimacy of this site please view the footer of the highest ranked atheist website in the world to see that they have our "blessing."

These are the names we believe the Christian who calls himself Frank Walton goes by:
Abnoxio, Alan Baxter, HGissufficient, Mark Cote, MrBright, Rich Voss, S_Allegory, stanlee, Terry Pritchard(fully confirmed), John G. Deering(possible), Scary Jesus (extremely likely)

UPDATE: Due to the fact that we're not idiots and are able to piece a puzzle together, we must add that Corey Washington is (highly likely) also Frank Walton. Further we are elevating the possibility that John Deering and Scary Jesus are also Frank Walton. UPDATE: We now slightly lower the possibility that John Deering is Frank Walton. READ ALL THE DETAILS HERE.

Frank, you think we are stupid? You think we're gonna take your threats?

If you feel insecure posting the ip info here you can send the info to anyone you trust within the RRS and they will add it to our findings and help prepare the info for the courts and the feds.

UPDATE: John Deering threatens lawsuit, does provide some "evidence" and wants it known that he doesn't want to ever be associated with Frank Walton.


Scary Jesus said...

The thing that makes me doubt that Frank is any of those people listed is that his own writing and talent is so limited, it would be hard if not impossible for him to transcend his shortcomings to create what I consider to be pretty complex structure of deciet.
I'd be more inclined to say it's just a group of people who hate Frank Walton. Plus I know he's not scaryjesus, cause that's me and Frank Walton doing Flash animations, or images? C'mon. He is however, daddycool, and a host of others, it's so very obvious that daddycool is Frank because he uses the same silly manner of writing, the same gramatical errors, the same mis-sspellings, and he's just as pissy and humorless. Same goes for Miquel De-Alba, and Rational Response Squad Jr.

Here's the litmus test in a nutshell, if it contains humor, is clever, artistic, requires any software skills to produce, is original, is quirky, is insightful, it's NOT FRANK WALTON!

Corey Washington said...

Hey Let's trade links,
I've been kind of busy so I haven't updated frankwaltonchronicle in a while.
But I'm going to pick it up again.

Good to see you up and posting again.

Frank Walton Sucks! said...

Corey, please feel free to link to this site. However it is hard for us to trust your site as we have IP evidence that the blogger on your site known as Terry Pritchard has the exact same IP address as Frank Walton. Furthermore your site has done quite a bit of softballing Frank Waltonand link to him which is completely uncharacteristic of anyone who dislikes Frank. Please bring some harder hitting action against Frank so it becomes abundantly clear to us that we should be linking to your site.

If you personally are the real deal accept our apologies and understand we are skeptics now that we seem to have evidence that Frank has a severe mental disorder, and we're not talking about his religious beliefs.

Like I said... link to us, hit harder, expose more of his lies, and we'll move to give you a link. One thing you can do is remove all links to Franks site and add links to this blog site and this post about Frank Walton on all posts of your site.

Frank Walton Sucks! said...

Oh. I almost forgot, the posts from John Deering and Scary Jesus were not posted. Both people claim to not be Frank, but of course Terry Pritchard claimed the same thing and we have IP proof to the opposite. We have no clue how deep his insanity runs. It appears to us as if he could have a severe psychotic disorder in which he spends his entire life impersonating up to ten different people who hate him. We believe he does so, so that when people view the sites about him that hate him, they find relatively docile information.

With that said there are some good exposes on Corey's site, which we will link here once in good "faith"

Frank Walton expose site

Anonymous said...

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