Saturday, March 17, 2007

Reverend endorses Rational Response Squad tactics!

The Rational Response Squad comes under fire from time to time for engaging in honest tactics. They tend to speak their mind, and respect people to a high degree that they don't tell white lies and sugarcoat reality. However some see their blunt honesty as disrespectful. Recently Reverend David Williams made a blog post in which he entices the Rational Response Squad to an appearance, he never sent it to the Squad himself but coming from someone who ASSumes there is a god, one can easily see why he'd ASSume the RRS would get the invite. In a lengthy email exchange while inviting Reverend David Williams on the show, an RRS Show Producer said the following, "I would like to point out that your blog post requesting an interview does seem a bit on the arrogant side in my personal opinion."

A portion of the Reverend's response was as follows:

Was my blog post confrontational? Sure. But as you folks have noticed, that tends to get the attention of the one you want to talk with. If the RRS had hit YouTube with an "I'm an Atheist, and That's OK" campaign instead of a "Blasphemy Challenge," do you honestly think you'd have gotten Fox News and Laura Ingraham and others to take the hook? Or gotten more than 15 people to do it?

from Rev David Williams
Trinity Presbyterian Church of Bethesda

Here is the blog.

So as you now see not only do Christians hate the Rational Response Squad, they have become exactly what they hate. It stands to reason that Reverends are now endorsing the tactics of the Rational Response Squad. That's good for them, I'm glad. Now the next step is endorsing basic logic and reasoning skills and maybe religious terrorists like Reverend David Williams can soon join us on the side of reality!

PS. Of course RRS has accepted the show challenge.

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