Saturday, January 26, 2008

John Deering doesn't want to be associated with Frank

John Deering is talking with RRS leaders about the likelihood that he is Frank Walton, in this thread. He provided several pieces of evidence that would help to prove that he is John Deering, however like Sapient said, this could be Frank Waltons real name. "John Deering" also expresses frustration that such an inference could or would be made.

Yup, Frank Walton supposedly disgusts him that much. And that is what we understand, John is speaking our language. So to be fair to "John Deering" we want to state that he has announced the equivalent of an internet press release without threat of lawsuit, mind you. He wants you to know that he is definitely not Frank Walton.

Here are the two "fairest" quotes from "John Deering" we can offer you.

I am, believe it or not, a "reasonable guy", but I need you and this site to acknowledge the only reasonable explanation, and that is that I think very little of Walton as well but that I'm not him. His madness is his own, mine madness is my own. That’s true for all of us.... - Snarf

I want the unfounded rumor that I'm Walton to go away and I want it to go away soon. - Snarf

Once again you can see the John Deering is not Frank Walton exchange in this thread. Sapient requested now reduce the level of likelihood that John Deering is actually Frank Walton from "highly likely" to just "possible." Further evidence has been requested by Sapient to clear more names. The men "in question" can submit pictures, revealing their identity without masks and all the crap and hold a sign in the picture. Sapient talks about it in the thread.

Sapient admits it's not likely to happen.

A response is being prepared for M on his defense of Frank at atheismsucks, in which he claims he used to be split personality and now he's not. We find this claim odd, from what we know of it, you can't just lose split personality disorder. It's actually more likely for one of your personalities to say "I used to have split personality disorder." Again... this is just our research. We found it highly ironic and are puzzled by what happens if we apply Occams's Razor.

Happy now John?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Could someone other than Frank Walton post?

Today we've been getting hit by the seemingly multiple personality psychotic freak who usually refers to himself as Frank Walton. Now that we have IP proof he is his own stalker his comments seem funnier and funnier. But also sad. He needs to seek mental help and fast. Here are the comments that we won't allow to be posted as we believe them to all be from the same psychotic freak. Also, he doesn't allow you to post any comments that expose him in this manner on his blog so we only think it's fair.

Update: For the record, there was a controversy in which John Deering wants it known that he is not Frank Walton. We're not sure what we believe.
Atheists, let's get some support going here so we can all expose the most dishonest blogger for Jesus any of us have ever known. Please start linking to this blog, start getting the word out, and we'll keep the info coming! Frank, here's the good news, your jail cell is likely to be padded and not your typical facility. I'm sure you'll get plenty of drugs too! The jig is up Frank.

If you have legitimate questions please post them here, we're ignoring the posts from Frank and his multiple personalities, as we refrain from conversing with psychopaths/sociopaths. Oh, Frank recently left a comment about seeing us in court, but we just wanted you to know Frank we probably wont show up at your trial, we'll be here hoping you get the best treatment possible.

UPDATE: John Deering threatens lawsuit, does provide some "evidence" and wants it known that he doesn't want to ever be associated with Frank Walton.

P.S. The only reason we've allowed the ip's above to be exposed are that Frank Walton himself has posted the exact ip's claiming they are his stalkers on his site in which he is lying. We don't know what the ip's are but we know that the person posting them is Frank, as he created the account "Rational Response Squad Jr" in a fit of trademark infringement and false impersonation. He has used the "Rational Response Squad Jr" account to act like a complete buffon, something the real rational response squad wouldn't do. Furthermore the RRS leaders have stated they never authorized Frank to use their name, he did so in violation of several laws.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Have an IP address you want to share?

If you have an IP address of Frank Walton or anyone who he claims to be impersonating him, please feel free to post it as a comment to this post with the title or opening phrase "IP address."

This post is a statement of confirmation that the information will not be posted publicly on this site and will only be used to prosecute Frank Walton or whoever the real person is behind him to the fullest extent of the law. We would like to connect more dots to this puzzle. Spread the word to anyone you know that has been attacked by Frank Walton. You have our promise the information will only be used in a court of law.

If you would like to add a disclaimer stating that it is ok to post the IP if we can find confirmation that such action is legal, please add the disclaimer.

If you have been cyber-stalked, lied about, attacked, threatened, or harrassed by any of the following people help us complete the puzzle by posting the comment/IP here and it will wait in moderation for our crack staff. There are many ips known within this puzzle, we're looking to find more conclusive connections here.

If you doubt the legitimacy of this site please view the footer of the highest ranked atheist website in the world to see that they have our "blessing."

These are the names we believe the Christian who calls himself Frank Walton goes by:
Abnoxio, Alan Baxter, HGissufficient, Mark Cote, MrBright, Rich Voss, S_Allegory, stanlee, Terry Pritchard(fully confirmed), John G. Deering(possible), Scary Jesus (extremely likely)

UPDATE: Due to the fact that we're not idiots and are able to piece a puzzle together, we must add that Corey Washington is (highly likely) also Frank Walton. Further we are elevating the possibility that John Deering and Scary Jesus are also Frank Walton. UPDATE: We now slightly lower the possibility that John Deering is Frank Walton. READ ALL THE DETAILS HERE.

Frank, you think we are stupid? You think we're gonna take your threats?

If you feel insecure posting the ip info here you can send the info to anyone you trust within the RRS and they will add it to our findings and help prepare the info for the courts and the feds.

UPDATE: John Deering threatens lawsuit, does provide some "evidence" and wants it known that he doesn't want to ever be associated with Frank Walton.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Frank Walton is his own stalker!!!

Frank Walton the dishonest Christian blogger is own stalker(s)!!! We have IP proof and are looking into the legalies of exposing this sick fuck online. More coming soon. When we say he is his own stalker, we mean that he purposefully creates sites that hate on himself and then he attacks himself. He's gone so far as to whine about how someone wants him dead... that someone is himself pretending to be an atheist stalker!!!

Furthermore there are two blogs created by John Deering, one of which claims to be all about reposting everything Frank Walton says and allowing free speech on the site. In other words since the blog at atheismsucks censors almost all comments that disagree with this sick fucking freak, supposedly "John Deering" created a blog to allow any comments to be made. This sat odd with us that Frank Walton (the sick fuck hopefully soon to get the padded cell and straight jacket that he needs) would allow someone to abuse his copyright. So a bunch of people spent the day posting this comment on his site (a comment that any true Walton hater would love):

Best we can tell Frank is an insane man not just because of his religion, but due to actual issues. Here is a post that describes the deceit of Frank Walton Also the only legitimate site we know of that exposes Frank, in a sometimes satirical manner is this site all about Frank Walton and his atheism sucks friends.

Now John Deering, the free speech king who wants you to believe he hates Frank Walton is censoring the best exposes on that fucking asshole who has illegally defamed the character of almost every important atheist in the world. Including defaming the character and lying incessantly about the Rational Response Squad and specifically Brian Sapient.

What's really fucked up about this twatbag is that he's actually managed to convince a few atheists of his stories. Proving of course that atheists can act with poor logic as well.

If you are an atheist blogger, to protect the safety of others you should remove all comments from anyone who seems to support this fuckface.

Do not trust: John Deering (who claims to want to be unassociated with Frank), Terry Pritchard, Ted Bell, Frank Walton we currently believe that we have a strong case to prove that all of these men are the same people. Stalking each other. Is it split personality, or simply conning for Jesus? Honestly we don't care, we look forward to letting the cybercrimes unit figure it out.

UPDATE: John Deering threatens lawsuit, does provide some "evidence" and wants it known that he doesn't want to ever be associated with Frank Walton.

If you are an FBI agent interested in this story, or a lawyer and would like to fight a case against one of the biggest frauds to attack atheists online in the last 5 years, please post a comment anywhere on this site and we will find it.

Also, if you can show us proof that posting IP addresses is not illegal, our crack staff is researching it now, please inform us by posting a comment.

Oh by the way John Deering posted on our site in the blog post below this one, stating that Frank Walton thinks John is Ted Bell. This seems like something Walton has said before. More proof coming soon, stay tuned!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Frank Walton banned by very pleasant atheist


Many people know the Uncredible Hallq as a very pleasant person who values rational and critical inquiry over rash judgment, which is why Frank Walton being banned from his blog speaks quite a bit about Frank, the internet scumbag of the 21st century.

Here is what he posted when he banned Frank, and some extra commentary added by our crack staff.
I was tolerating him for awhile, but from this point onward Frank Walton is banned from this blog. Frank, if you post here, even in response to this thread, your comment will be deleted. Then I will turn on comment moderation and not let any of your comments through, even though this will be a pain to everyone else.

This ban was prompted by a comment made by Walton in which he claimed that the members of the Rational Response Squad advocate shooting Christians. I followed the posted link, and found that the main basis for this claim was not not anything said by the actual members of the RRS, but a guest (one time, as far as I can tell). The comment was not even made on their show.
That's right Uncredible, actually I think that comment was made by Mr. Gawn. Mr Gawn is a rap artist, and he created a song including some words about burning christians if they don't convert, however us sane individuals recognize this as merely art. Best we can tell Frank never posted any portion of the truth from the story. We've all heard rappers and musicians say things in their music that they'd never do. It's art and we accept it as art. What Frank and his cronies do and did was slanderous.
Here are the facts:
  • Mr. Gawn has never physically hurt another Christian.
  • Mr Gawn wrote and recorded his song before he ever had a conversation with any RRS founding member.
  • Mr Gawn was a fan of the RRS, and they weren't familiar with him until the song was sent by Gawn to their email.
  • Brian Sapient said on RRS radio "this is definitely not our message" directly to Mr. Gawns face.
  • Frank Walton has misled his readers by pretending as if this message was condoned by RRS and that RRS would actually condone violence.
  • The RRS is mostly comprised of pacifists who pride themselves on a non-violent message.
  • Frank Walton has lied to discredit the work of the RRS by instilling fear in you.
  • Such action is illegal, and subject to heavy fines.
If Frank Walton has told this lie on your blog, feel free to post the link to it on this blog so that we can make it easier for the RRS to find it and include it in any future lawsuit.

We asked Sapient to provide the audio to show 43. The recording happened on the first day that RRS met Mr. Gawn. Here is the proof that Sapient and RRS do not condone the violence that Frank Walton disgustingly has tried to brainwash you into believing (includes entire song). You sick dishonest fuck, Frank Walton. You're a disgrace to humankind.

His other basis was a comment made by Rook Hawkins about getting rid of people like Walton. This comment said nothing about actual violence, and occured in the context of Hawkins calling Walton on another bogus charge, in this case a charge of plagarism. It was the equivalent of saying "we should get rid of politicians who lie their way into office"--not in any way applying they should be killed.
The Rational Response Squad and Rook Hawkins refer to theism as a concept that should be gone from this planet. They often say it should be "eradicated." For emphasis and umph, sometimes they say we need to rid the world of "theists." What they mean when they say this, is that we need to remove the conditions from society that cause theism, by doing so there would be no theists. They would never condone harming another person simply for believing in a god, in fact everything they do is for the betterment of humanity. They believe that only through the removal of religion can we start making major progress towards world peace. Mr. Gawn himself believes this. Have you ever heard Eminem talk about puking when he thinks about Kim Mathers? Or have you heard him talk about killing Kim Mathers and stuffing her in a trunk? It's art! They are the things we think but don't do. Is Frank too stupid to get this? Or is he a delusional fraud? Or is he simply a conman? Whatever he is, he's a shining example that theism is a delusion that needs to be eradicated.
Those familiar with Walton will know that this is part of a long pattern with him. I know Daniel Morgan consulted with a lawyer who said that if Walton's targets wanted to prosecute, they would have a strong libel case. I assume the RRS is fully aware of Walton's claims and has their reasons for not prosecuting.
The RRS has every intention of suing Frank Walton, as well as preparing his criminal activities on a silver platter for the feds. As I understand it, they have not done so due to the lack of an inexpensive lawyer and due to lack of time. They've also talked about the fact that anybody that believes the crap coming out of Frank Walton is too stupid to be part of their team. With more important projects that they could pro-actively engage in, they simply haven't had the ability to take the time to compile the thousands upon thousands of instances of defamation of character committed by Frank Walton.

In any case, this blog will not be a venue for libel. I have no intention of rescinding this ban at any point in the future--I once started deleting his comments before but let him back, and after a second offense I see no reason to be so forgiving.
We urge and suggest that anyone who has ever had a comment posted on their site by Frank Walton should remove it from their blog immediately. Frank seems to be trying to get members of the Rational Response Squad murdered with his rhetoric, and how ironic is that? Don't allow yourself to be a pawn in Frank Walton's sick game, remove his content immediately.

If you see Frank Walton committing illegal acts for Jesus, please feel free to post them all over this site.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rich Rodriguez on Frank Walton

Reposting a comment from Rich Rodriguez, who if you haven't heard... happens to have a 10.5 inch penis and several children if you know what I'm saying. Know what I'm saying?

Small penis Frank Walton recently posted some misleading statements on a blog after Gene Cook got his ass stomped by Rich Rodriguez of The Rational Response Squad. One of Franks specialties is misleading statements, which he got an A+ in. He only got an "A" in compulsive lying. The school, of course, was the Midvale School for the Gifted where he learned how to dry off cars--a really tough but rewarding job. After all, who is gonna dry off Rich's large penis after he takes it through the car wash?
From Rich Rodriguez:

Frank Walton is an internet Troll who is an embarrassment to all who call themselves Christians. Don’t take my word for it Google what others have to say about him.

On the so-called debate:
Frank has routinely refused to debate me live without editing all my comments.

Here is the truth about what happened in the Frank Walton vs Rich Rodriguez fiasco.

This is the only post about Frank Walton you will ever need to read

Why Frank Walton was banned

Why people hate Frank Walton

Monday, January 14, 2008

Attention atheists, a jerk wants you!

Gene Cook wants to have atheist guests on his radio show again! LOL

Gene Cook used to have atheists on his show about once a week, until so many atheists figured out that he was pointless to have a discussion with. He was almost always highly insulting, actually thinking that atheists would buy the stupid shit that comes out of his mouth. Are you kidding me? It's been a while since we've seen pansy leech (copy everything Infidel Guy does) Gene in action, glad he's back to help everyone remember why they're atheists, because almost everyone is an atheist now, all because of Gene Cook!

Gene is a TAGer, which basically means he is at the bottom of the thinker totem pole. He actually thinks that we must assume God exists at the start of everything, and then attributes the creation of everything to God. Instead of answering the question of "how did god come into existence" Gene just assumes God must have been at the start. And if you don't agree with him, like most idiots who fall for the presuppositionist argument, he insults you by telling you you don't know where logic came from. When you say the brain, he says where did that come from? When you go far enough back you find out that Gene doesn't except the Big Bang or the existence of eternal energy (um, ya know, things we have proof for, dur) he claims that it must be god at the start. He does so with the thinking skills of a 6 year old, and his idiot friends at atheismsucks actually support him! MORONS! HAHA

Oh, if you're so stupid you actually fall for that TAG argument, read this.

No respectable atheist would ever tell you an interview with Gene was fair, because Gene is a jerk. Just ask the people he swindled in to appearing on his piece of shit show: Dan Barker, Michael Shermer, John W. Loftus, Doug Krueger, Robert Price, etc. Cook has always been a jerk to them. Ask any atheist who was on his show and they'll concur. Contact Cook if you're up for an idiotic time!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christian speaks out about Frank Walton

I don’t want this to turn into an anti-Frank Walton ministry, but I thought that I would offer up one more post on why his “ministry” is not a Christian one.

First, the new poll on the side. He asks for the best word to describe Brian Sapient. The choices are less than Christian ways to describe any individual.

While Sapient and I disagree ideologically, a small part of me wishes that I had the ability to devote my life full-time to my writing and ministry. Sapient has the opportunity to do that, and he seems very driven at his activism. I suppose, therefore, the word I would choose to best describe Sapient is “driven.” I think it fits better than the choices that Frank has offered up. - Josiah Concept Ministries

It's nice when Christian are willing to admit that Frank Walton is a disgrace. Here Cory writes about his reasons for disliking Frank Walton.

Cory disagrees with Wank Falton and J.P. Holding (another idiot Christard who'd probably kill an atheist before buying him dinner):
The purpose of this post is not to attack Frank Walton again. As Brian Sapient has stated, Frank’s tactics speak for themselves and I don’t need to delve any further. What I am doing with this post is to consider the “Brood of Vipers” defense itself, and whether it is a valid defense for conducting a ministry in the fashion that Walton does and Holding did once upon a time.
Frank, you're so dumb, it serves you right that your hate site is hated by those you would want to align with. HAHA! Christians hate the Christian Prince Frank Walton. LOOOOOOOSSSEER!

Frank Walton encourages harrassing atheists!


Frankie, you really are a sick fuck aren't you? When will you learn that you are exactly the reason so many people have come to realize that being Christian has no benefits?