Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Christians don't want to be Christians?

Like I said before, Christians puzzle me.

Lately, Christians have shown interest in freethought. One former Christian that comes to mind is JimmieJ, and he is P-Dunn's friend.

If you are registered at TheologyWeb, you can read JimmieJ's profile.

His profile says that he's agnostic and evolutionist!

The following is from his TheologyWeb profile.

Recently, I observed the utter lack of evidence for Christianity, or theism in general, and I've taken on that hallowed mantle of indecisiveness - agnostic. My friends keep trying to convert me though.

Congratulations, my brother.

You can read JimmieJ's blog post about leaving apologetics right here.

I can understand why Christians don't want to be Christians though. It's probably because of people like people like this and stuff like this.

I'm not sure if "Pastor" Donnie Davies is a fraud, but he seems like a real Christian to me!

This thread that was started by a Theist at the Rational Response Squad forum could be one of the many reasons that some Christians decide to leave Christianity!

Another Update:
Click here to see JimmieJ debate a theist!