Thursday, March 29, 2007

About commenting in our blog

The "beauty" of exposing the morons who we expose is the sort of stupidity and dishonest tactics they use. Typically they do anything but actually address arguments for theism, and when these schmucks actually do try to make an argument for theism, they're some of the lamest the world has ever heard. It seems they can't get a point across unless they act childishly or attack people personally. Gotta love people like Frank Walton, huh?

Did you know that Frank Walton actually advocates kicking in the teeth of other people? He actually wants you to add insult to physical injury and "tell them Frank Walton says hi." I agree with Frank on one thing, Mission Accomplished, thanks for proving the point that people like you are the reason there are people like us as Greydon Square told you.

Whew, I haven't had this many theists attack me personally since I kissed a girl outside of a church when I was 15 years old!

Anyway, my dear readers, be warned! If you want a comment posted in our blog, keep the stupidity and anything we disagree with off our site. It won't be allowed. Basically what I'm saying is, unless you agree with me don't even bother responding.

Rules of this blog are adapted from Frank Walton who censors ANYONE who ever exposes him as a dishonest fuck on his blog.

Perhaps a few rules will be in order:

  • Don't use stupidity or theist tactics. *ROLL EYES* unless it serves some kind of purpose, I won't allow it.
  • Stay on topic. Meaning if I have a blog post on the topic of evolution and you randomly post a comment about how much atheists suck, well, you won't be seeing it. Also, rarely, will I allow off-topic posts (or off-topic links) in the blogs.
  • No filibustering. If you continue to hack away without properly responding to your opponent, it won't be put in the blog.
  • Do be mature. I know it's hard for some theists out there to do that, but If you act like little immature brats you won't have a say in this blog.
  • No flippant "whatever" remarks. If there's an argument and your whole response is "pffft! whatever!" and that's it. Well, you won't see your comment published. You must touch on what the post says and engage properly.

Pretty easy, eh?

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