Thursday, March 15, 2007

Atheist Blood Drive Begins!

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The Blood Drive has begun! Start logging your donations of blood on our site today! Easy registration that requires no verification!

View the Press Release.

Sponsored by: The Rational Response Squad and The Center for Atheism.

Would you like your organization to unite with us and be listed here as an affiliate? If so, please see this page for details.

I got that from a bulletin on myspace, so I'm posting that here on my blog because I think the Atheist Blood Drive is a good idea.

While Christians are too busy praying, we will give blood!

Now, you stupid Christians are thinking "So atheists only want to give blood on certain days, huh?!"

That's not true!

We give blood all the time, it's just that on National Prayer Day, atheists will show how much we care about donating and giving blood that we will continue donating on such a day.

If it were not for atheists, nothing would get done on National Day of Prayer, so we are starting this Atheist Blood Drive to keep helping people.

While Christians are napping, I mean...praying...atheists will be saving lives.

Please don't take it the wrong way, Christians.

But seriously...National Day of Prayer?!

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