Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rich Rodriguez on Frank Walton

Reposting a comment from Rich Rodriguez, who if you haven't heard... happens to have a 10.5 inch penis and several children if you know what I'm saying. Know what I'm saying?

Small penis Frank Walton recently posted some misleading statements on a blog after Gene Cook got his ass stomped by Rich Rodriguez of The Rational Response Squad. One of Franks specialties is misleading statements, which he got an A+ in. He only got an "A" in compulsive lying. The school, of course, was the Midvale School for the Gifted where he learned how to dry off cars--a really tough but rewarding job. After all, who is gonna dry off Rich's large penis after he takes it through the car wash?
From Rich Rodriguez:

Frank Walton is an internet Troll who is an embarrassment to all who call themselves Christians. Don’t take my word for it Google what others have to say about him.

On the so-called debate:
Frank has routinely refused to debate me live without editing all my comments.

Here is the truth about what happened in the Frank Walton vs Rich Rodriguez fiasco.

This is the only post about Frank Walton you will ever need to read

Why Frank Walton was banned

Why people hate Frank Walton

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Anonymous said...

Best we can tell Frank is an insane man not just because of his religion, but due to actual issues. Here is a post that describes the deceit of Frank Walton Also the only legitimate site we know of that exposes Frank, in a sometimes satirical manner is this
site all about Frank Walton and his atheism sucks friends. "We've managed to do exactly what you wanted and made Frank Walton act exactly as his God would not want him too. You can see how dishonest he is, and how much the atheists won this by going here as well. The only atheismsucks blog you need