Monday, January 14, 2008

Attention atheists, a jerk wants you!

Gene Cook wants to have atheist guests on his radio show again! LOL

Gene Cook used to have atheists on his show about once a week, until so many atheists figured out that he was pointless to have a discussion with. He was almost always highly insulting, actually thinking that atheists would buy the stupid shit that comes out of his mouth. Are you kidding me? It's been a while since we've seen pansy leech (copy everything Infidel Guy does) Gene in action, glad he's back to help everyone remember why they're atheists, because almost everyone is an atheist now, all because of Gene Cook!

Gene is a TAGer, which basically means he is at the bottom of the thinker totem pole. He actually thinks that we must assume God exists at the start of everything, and then attributes the creation of everything to God. Instead of answering the question of "how did god come into existence" Gene just assumes God must have been at the start. And if you don't agree with him, like most idiots who fall for the presuppositionist argument, he insults you by telling you you don't know where logic came from. When you say the brain, he says where did that come from? When you go far enough back you find out that Gene doesn't except the Big Bang or the existence of eternal energy (um, ya know, things we have proof for, dur) he claims that it must be god at the start. He does so with the thinking skills of a 6 year old, and his idiot friends at atheismsucks actually support him! MORONS! HAHA

Oh, if you're so stupid you actually fall for that TAG argument, read this.

No respectable atheist would ever tell you an interview with Gene was fair, because Gene is a jerk. Just ask the people he swindled in to appearing on his piece of shit show: Dan Barker, Michael Shermer, John W. Loftus, Doug Krueger, Robert Price, etc. Cook has always been a jerk to them. Ask any atheist who was on his show and they'll concur. Contact Cook if you're up for an idiotic time!

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Anonymous said...

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