Monday, January 21, 2008

Could someone other than Frank Walton post?

Today we've been getting hit by the seemingly multiple personality psychotic freak who usually refers to himself as Frank Walton. Now that we have IP proof he is his own stalker his comments seem funnier and funnier. But also sad. He needs to seek mental help and fast. Here are the comments that we won't allow to be posted as we believe them to all be from the same psychotic freak. Also, he doesn't allow you to post any comments that expose him in this manner on his blog so we only think it's fair.

Update: For the record, there was a controversy in which John Deering wants it known that he is not Frank Walton. We're not sure what we believe.
Atheists, let's get some support going here so we can all expose the most dishonest blogger for Jesus any of us have ever known. Please start linking to this blog, start getting the word out, and we'll keep the info coming! Frank, here's the good news, your jail cell is likely to be padded and not your typical facility. I'm sure you'll get plenty of drugs too! The jig is up Frank.

If you have legitimate questions please post them here, we're ignoring the posts from Frank and his multiple personalities, as we refrain from conversing with psychopaths/sociopaths. Oh, Frank recently left a comment about seeing us in court, but we just wanted you to know Frank we probably wont show up at your trial, we'll be here hoping you get the best treatment possible.

UPDATE: John Deering threatens lawsuit, does provide some "evidence" and wants it known that he doesn't want to ever be associated with Frank Walton.

P.S. The only reason we've allowed the ip's above to be exposed are that Frank Walton himself has posted the exact ip's claiming they are his stalkers on his site in which he is lying. We don't know what the ip's are but we know that the person posting them is Frank, as he created the account "Rational Response Squad Jr" in a fit of trademark infringement and false impersonation. He has used the "Rational Response Squad Jr" account to act like a complete buffon, something the real rational response squad wouldn't do. Furthermore the RRS leaders have stated they never authorized Frank to use their name, he did so in violation of several laws.


Puritan Lad said...


I deleted your post from my Covenant Theology blog. I try to give some leeway on my blog for the sake of personal growth, and perhaps to persuade others. However, personal wars that you have with Frank (or anyone else) should be kept between you and him.

Also, Covenant Theology is a Christian blog, so I try to keep the issues being discussed as Christian. I do participate in an apologetics blog Christian Skepticism. Feel free to interact there concerning your objections to the Christian faith. However, please do so respectfully and do not resort to personal attacks.



Mojoey said...

Who the hell is Frank Walton and why should we care?