Saturday, January 26, 2008

John Deering doesn't want to be associated with Frank

John Deering is talking with RRS leaders about the likelihood that he is Frank Walton, in this thread. He provided several pieces of evidence that would help to prove that he is John Deering, however like Sapient said, this could be Frank Waltons real name. "John Deering" also expresses frustration that such an inference could or would be made.

Yup, Frank Walton supposedly disgusts him that much. And that is what we understand, John is speaking our language. So to be fair to "John Deering" we want to state that he has announced the equivalent of an internet press release without threat of lawsuit, mind you. He wants you to know that he is definitely not Frank Walton.

Here are the two "fairest" quotes from "John Deering" we can offer you.

I am, believe it or not, a "reasonable guy", but I need you and this site to acknowledge the only reasonable explanation, and that is that I think very little of Walton as well but that I'm not him. His madness is his own, mine madness is my own. That’s true for all of us.... - Snarf

I want the unfounded rumor that I'm Walton to go away and I want it to go away soon. - Snarf

Once again you can see the John Deering is not Frank Walton exchange in this thread. Sapient requested now reduce the level of likelihood that John Deering is actually Frank Walton from "highly likely" to just "possible." Further evidence has been requested by Sapient to clear more names. The men "in question" can submit pictures, revealing their identity without masks and all the crap and hold a sign in the picture. Sapient talks about it in the thread.

Sapient admits it's not likely to happen.

A response is being prepared for M on his defense of Frank at atheismsucks, in which he claims he used to be split personality and now he's not. We find this claim odd, from what we know of it, you can't just lose split personality disorder. It's actually more likely for one of your personalities to say "I used to have split personality disorder." Again... this is just our research. We found it highly ironic and are puzzled by what happens if we apply Occams's Razor.

Happy now John?


John G. Deering said...

Much happier. Thank you.

Anything that puts distance between me and Frankie Boy is a very good thing...

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if M was frank, and his defense of Frank was really a confession of his disorder. In other words Frank is M and M is his "confessing" personality. Hmmm, And John is the outraged to be associated with Frank personality.