Monday, May 14, 2007

What the...


How unoriginal.

The following is from the website. is a Christian online community. If you are not a Christian you are welcome here, however any images or text that are displayed is monitored strictly. If you have satanic/demonic, or blasphemous images or text in your profile, remove it immediately. If the Sheepdog finds it he will delete your profile. If the offense continues your IP will be banned. Please read below and if you want to stay here you need to follow the rules and guidelines. God Bless and lets make this community all for Him.


1. No provocative images at all

2. No foul or offensive language

3. No images or text that defiles Jesus Christ

4. No threatening or bashing other members

5. No spamming of advertisements etc.

6. No references promoting satanic/demonic idols

7. No promoting of anything that is not of Christianity

8. No money requests of any kind, prayer requests only

9. Your age must be accurate, please make sure it is. This is because of security programs put in place to protect youth. Please email me if you have questions.

10. No denominational differences allowed to be discussed in the Chat room

11. All Group discussions are to be done with love and compassion for one another

12. No unrequested romantic relationship requests

13. No promoting of any sin

14. No giving out personal information, unless requested and done through private one to one messages

15. No nude images, art work etc. (this includes angels)

LOL! What's next?


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