Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Where was Comfort to expose his disciple's lie?

Yesterday, on The Way of The Master radio, Todd Friel said that Brian Sapient "...won't agree to come on the show."

Ray Comfort was out of the studio when Todd said it and came in 20 minutes after the comment.

Where was Ray to expose Todd's lie? Sapient agreed to come on the show if Ray AND Kirk were going to be there. You can download Brian ripping Todd a new one, right here. Just right-click and save it.

By the way, Todd is a stupid name, it's obvious why he turned out so stupid. LOL!

Todd is known for getting his butt kicked in debates like with The Infidel Guy and Dan Barker. Todd cut HillbillyAtheist off the air when he appeared. You can check out what HBA had to say about his appearance on Way of The Master, right here.

And Todd getting his ass handed to him by Dan Barker here.

Update: Brian just received an email from Ray Comfort. More to come.

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