Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's the Agnostic Blackhole!: Frank Walton pussies out yet again......

It's the Agnostic Blackhole!: Frank Walton pussies out yet again......

Frank Walton said...

Besides, from the look of most of the crap on your site, you are a hack, a lousy, foulmouthed imbecile. Why don't you learn the basics of the english language first, then move on to debating. Plus you're a coward. And you suck.
I personally have no time for the likes of you.

Toodles Furyanus

The real Frank Walton

There we go with the blind assumptions again....... Frank, your calling me a coward and yet you refuse to debate. Thats Cowardliness. I suck eh? Frank you have yet to debate me. Frank if your going to act so better than me. Then how about you prove it. Your all bark and no action, pitiful. Even Christians note your cowardliness. Even "destinylab" The delusional man who believes alien's are demons CALLED YOU A COWARD. The most delusional Christian on the on this little blue planet has a beef with you. That tells me something about you frank. At least "destinylab" who may be 3 fries shorter than a happy meal is honest. A delusional Christian atleast has some decency.

Frank, the only thing you ARE capable of doing is talking out of your ass, making assumptions, and spitting out childish insults.

No frank I'm not coming to your little forum. If you want to PROVE you are better than me, It will be right here, right now. Until you debate me frank, your nothing but what you just called me, "you are a hack, a lousy, foulmouthed imbecile" Hypocrite.

Frank what you call a moderated debate more than likely involves a whole forum full of Christians whom are on your side. that would edit posts that contained blasphemous comments, and my favorite word of all "Fuck"

No thank you, It will be right here, Furyan's yard.

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Anonymous said...

Best we can tell Frank is an insane man not just because of his religion, but due to actual issues. Here is a post that describes the deceit of Frank Walton Also the only legitimate site we know of that exposes Frank, in a sometimes satirical manner is this
site all about Frank Walton and his atheism sucks friends. "We've managed to do exactly what you wanted and made Frank Walton act exactly as his God would not want him too. You can see how dishonest he is, and how much the atheists won this by going here as well. The only atheismsucks blog you need