Sunday, October 7, 2007

This letter sent to Frank Walton

Frank Walton recently accused the RRS of stealing, without the facts. What else is new?

The following is an email I sent to Frank Walton:


I post at youtube as user ThinkerHA, and I noticed your comments regarding a quote of mine you used to accuse the RRS of "stealing." Had you investigated the facts by contacting one of the parties involved, your conclusions would be different.

I gave permission to the RRS to use the video for Downey's account, and I also approve of what the RRS does. Rather than investigate the matter, you posted an ill-informed message on your blog to attack the RSS. That makes me wonder what other errors you have on your blog due to having a limited amount of facts.

This is a fine example that you should be dealing with issues rather than attack people. Had you stuck to the issues regarding theism your attempt to go after individuals would not leave you with a error-rife blog about people.

Let me make clear again: I gave permission to the RRS to use the video, I approve of what the RRS does, and you failed to contact anyone involved in the situation.

If you want want to confirm my identity, send me a message.

I am not attacking you or your beliefs, just trying to set the record straight.

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