Thursday, January 25, 2007

Frank Walton's latest blogs

As you can see, Frank has been writing blogs about Rook lately. He posted a blog about Rook Hawkins' romance 'The Pleasure Cruise' and the 'Rook Hawkins can't get enough of himself!' blog.

That's two blogs in a row about Rook! The Rook Hawkins can't get enough of himself! blog has pictures of Rook doing his studying. ( I wonder if Frank likes to look at Rook's pictures.) The other blog, he posts Rook's 'The Pleasure Cruise'. I bet Frank liked it and just wanted to show it to his friends.

Before those two blogs, he posted 'More proof that the Rational Response Squad have idiots as members'. When Frank read Infidel Mike's blog about him, Frank responded with the 'More proof' blog.

In it, all Frank does is correct Infidel Mike's spelling on the word 'grammar' and says that Greydon Square's song could use a little more help. It was such a short blog because Frank's tiny brain can't help him come up with new stuff to write. Which should be no surprise if you're a reader of Frank's blogs.


He wanted the blog to be "proof" that the RRS have idiots as members. Well, that "idiot", Infidel Mike, responded with another blog and pointed out that Frank provided a bad link that was supposed to let his readers see Mike's blog.

Mike wanted to help Frank with his "proof", but Frank ignores him.


Frank, your material sucks. You're not original, your blogs are fucking lame! They have been sucking The Almighty Big One lately. You need to change, ok? You better think of something new to write about, because if you do...then it's much better like that, alright?!

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